How to proceed with DX

Check the level of your company.

When it comes to starting DX, there is a considerable difference at the starting line between companies that have already made considerable progress in digitization and those that are still mainly using Word and Excel. First of all, it is important to check what level your company is at .

Based on the "DX Promotion Index" published by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the IPA has published the "DX Promotion Index Self-Diagnosis Input Site" (an Excel format can be downloaded free of charge). (An Excel format can be downloaded free of charge.) If you submit the results of your diagnosis to the IPA, they will develop and provide you with benchmarks, so you can understand your current situation and simulate how to proceed.

Determine the current issues in your organization

DX is a concept, and digitization is a method or a means. Digitalization and DX are useful only when there is a purpose. For a product planning department, it may be to create an innovative business model, and for a sales department, it may be to increase sales productivity.

There are many challenges in a sales organization, so identify the issues and prioritize them.


Low sales per capita

New business sales become more difficult every year

Low number of web inquiries

Low employee motivation

High turnover of salespeople

No sales strategy for the digital age

Research whether DX can solve the problem

Next, investigate whether the problem can be solved by DX. For example, if the retention rate of mid-career salespeople is not good, the hiring criteria may be the problem. In that case, the solution is to "review the skill map and clarify the image of human resources.

Many salespeople who leave the company may have a problem with a power-harassing boss → This can be addressed with personnel changes or "harassment training" (strictly speaking, there is AI that can understand employee emotions to some extent, but it is over-specified to use AI for listening surveys and things that can be easily understood by the five senses). The cause of the issue should also be properly understood, and what can be solved with analog and what can be solved with digital should be separated.

Create a DX promotion team

If there are many issues that should be solved by DX, for example, "the sales style is still old-fashioned," "there are few inquiries from the website," "the knowledge of salespeople is not shared," "past data is hardly utilized," or "there is no systematic sales," create a DX promotion team to If there are many issues such as "we are not making use of past data" or "we do not have a systematic sales process", we will form a DX promotion team to discuss what the sales department should aim for. It is also important to ask for the cooperation of outside consultants and advisors as needed.

Consider which tools are right for your company

Consider what tools are best suited to your company. It is important to listen to the opinions of those in the field and not to make decisions based on management alone. It is important to ask the opinions of the front-line staff, not just the managers, because the actual operation of the system depends on the utilization of the front-line staff, and if they are ignored, the system will not be utilized.

If you are a company that is behind in IT, you may think, "I don't want to suddenly become a DXer! In fact, the major bottleneck for DX is the aging, complexity, and timing of disposal of existing IT systems (legacy systems) that have been invested in. It's called the "2025 Wall.

In fact, there is a possibility that DX will advance in one fell swoop if management shows leadership and there are no negative assets because of the delay in IT adoption.

Continuously train human resources

As mentioned above, it is difficult to hire people who are familiar with cutting-edge AI and big data. The IPA's DX Promotion Report shows that companies that are successful in DX tend to focus on education.

In recent years, the term "employee experience (EX)" has become a trend, especially in the United States. In promoting DX, the key to success is to make employees feel the significance of promoting DX, for example, by developing an IT infrastructure that makes it easy for them to do their jobs and providing training to improve their IT literacy. This will be the key to success.

In the early days of a new technology or product that will bring about a major change, all but a few people will be unmoved, and the opinion that it is not that big of a deal will continue for a while. However, when a technology or product reaches a certain critical point, it becomes popular at once. It is important not to be late to the party.

Although promoting DX is not an easy management task, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's "Guidelines for DX Promotion," the IPA's "Self-Diagnosis," "Survey of Best Practices and Human Resource Utilization," and other guideposts are quite extensive, and there are many free or low-cost SaaS services for IT tools. There are also many free or low-cost SaaS services for IT tools, so the hurdle to getting started is not so high. For companies that have not taken the plunge into digitalization so far, why not take the first step by thinking about how to master digital technology?

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